Give kudos in Microsoft Teams!

Celebrate accomplishments in real-time!

Encourage a fun environment where people feel appreciated.

Check your stats on the monthly leaderboard!

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Give kudos in Teams!

One of your coworkers do something awesome? Just give them kudos (or props) by tagging @growbot kudos...

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For a fun, quick glance on what your month in kudos looks like, ask @growbot for your leaderboards.

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Easy to install

Installing @growbot to Microsoft Teams is easy. Just click the button below, select the team, and start giving kudos!

Boost recognition at work


Increase to team appreciation


Boost to employee sentiment


Saved in reporting (weekly)

...after using Growbot

"...Having kudos has became the reason to do more for the company. Morale, productivity, sense of community, literally on steroids. Highly recommended."

Stefan Des
CEO at LeadsBridge

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